Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Mill (1986) identified the aim of service quality as being able to ensure a satisfied customer. Unfortunately till the recent decade, the focus of quality initiatives in hospitality have been primarily on selection and training of front line staff with the issues of measurement and process improvement having been largely neglected.

Feedback related to guests is critical for hospitality companies as guests visit your property and want to be a part of a memorable and delightful experience in exchange for value that they are spending.

As a hospitality services investor/ owner/ provider do you believe that the guests staying at your property are getting value for money services? Or could it be possible that a competitor is offering more for the same amount or treating their guests much better or maybe even giving the same services but for a lesser amount?

The probabilities are many, in each of such situations you may stand to lose, as guests will sway to the better option and such a swing towards a rival will mean lower revenue for your business.

At LiveBean, we recognize that QA is an integral part of any operation’s profitability and overall brand growth and so we design our Quality Assurance programs to improve your profitability and meet your specific business goals