Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

As a hospitality services company, who are you? What do you stand for? How are you recognized in the market? What is your core? How is that different from your competitors?

These are some very important questions that an owner or operator needs to ask him/herself when launching or even refurbishing a hospitality product.

Your positioning in the market place allows you the opportunity to define your standards of quality and showcase them to the market justifying the charges you apply for the services that your hotel provides.

At LiveBean, we work very closely with our clients by understanding their vision for the brand and matching it with their product to create a synergy that showcases both the investor’s vision as well as the product’s potential.

LiveBean along with its team of brand specialists can help you create or revisit your organization’s softer side

A softer, yet critical side that helps build a connection with your staff. We can help you do this by assisting in creating your Mission and Vision, defining your brand’s DNA or delving deeper into your brand values and building your personalized Brand Wheel.

These tools once set, act as seeds for the complete hotel’s strategy, including human capital. These tools allow a hotel to set standards and benchmarks for how they will be viewed by guests, staff and the market.