Development Solutions

Development Solutions

Getting ready to open a hotel is the first step towards actualizing a dream and this can be complex and stressful. The key is when all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place with good planning, timing and a detailed understanding of process.

The tourism industry over the last 7 years has shown a tremendous upswing in Asia developing many new service offerings for guests and this is reflected in the construction and establishment of many new hotels and mixed use properties.

The current new hotel property pipeline in Asia was last reported as the highest building activity in the history of lodging.

The last few years of sustained travel levels have pushed average room rates higher and regional rates in key Asian markets have increased by as much as 24 percent over the same period year on year.

Thought European markets presently look soft with the American market on a slow recovery, the economies of Asia and BRIC are projected to continue on the growth curve for 2012/2013 based not only on international market opportunities but also from domestic and regional travel needs.

We at LiveBean recognize this changing travel trend and assist our clients in providing financially feasible end to end solutions in hospitality development geared towards their mid to long term profitability.