Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

As an Investor /Owner, are there times that you ask yourself

  • Are the services that we proudly market “as brand”, actually provided to our guests?
  • Is the repeat guest ratio from a certain market / country / areas reducing YOY?
  • Is my cash handling at F&B outlets secure?
  • Are my guest cheques being played?
  • Could there any other financial loss/ shortage, be it in purchasing or front office or spa?

At LiveBean, we recognize that all of these are very valid concerns and have created a two-step breakdown for addressing them individually

  • Mystery shopping for improving internal processes
  • Mystery shopping for improving guest experience

Once commissioned and depending on your need, LiveBean will send a mystery shopper disguised as a guest, who will evaluate your services, operation and delivery. An invisible auditor,but with the eyes and ears of a guest.

His visit may last from half a day to a 5 days stay using all your services and facilities depending on the need of the project. The identity of this auditor at this point of time is only known to the LiveBean team.

On the day of his departure and completion of audit, this shopper will reveal himself to your leadership team contacting first the GM or Owner and the same day meeting with the Ex.Com team providing them with an initial synopsis to help close immediate areas of leakage.

Our professional team of consultants will then analyze the data collected by the auditor, and in due time, present to your management/ leadership team a detailed report with recommendations.