Most Owners & financing institutions require an independently prepared market and financial feasibility study for the development of a new hotel. Although they will usually conduct some research of their own, it is unusual for them to go in the same depth as a feasibility study and, because they stand to gain by a project going ahead, it is difficult for them to examine its viability with the same degree of independence and objectivity as third party professional consultants.

LiveBean Hospitality, which is a HAMA accredited member are devoted exclusively to the hospitality industry.

Our team of consultants offers expertise in feasibility studies, concept planning, Project Asset Management and Hotel Asset Management for our clients.

For feasibility studies our comprehensive reports allow the owners, potential investors and lenders of a hotel property the opportunity to preview the potential operating results that a proposed accommodation scheme could achieve.

The scope of each assignment and the resulting report are tailored to meet the client's individual needs. The typical product is a comprehensive economic study that includes a full market analysis for any given region in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa designated by the respective client.

The primary focus of our market research methodology rests on the following areas:

  • Infrastructure and communications servicing the site and immediate surroundings
  • Site Inspection;
  • Compilation and analysis of the statistical and analytical data describing the economic, demographic, political and social conditions of the market where the proposed project is located;
  • Definition of Market segment aimed at defining a concept development strategy for the proposed project (commercial, meeting and conference, leisure segment);
  • Identification of primary and secondary competition, room count;
  • Quantification of accommodated room night demand for a given market;
  • Determination of other relevant demand sources affecting the project (latent demand);
  • Market Positioning of the proposed project in the market and classification of services;
  • Recommended facilities mix of the proposed project for demand optimization;
  • Guest utilization coefficients of the proposed facilities of the hotel project;
  • Evaluation of demand generators supporting the project's feasibility;
  • Seasonal trends affecting the hotel trading patterns;
  • Definition of the competitive set;
  • Estimation of achievable average occupancy and revenue levels for the proposed project;
  • Operations performance forecast adapted to local market conditions and fiscal incidence on net profit.