Asset Management

Asset Management

With an increasingly competitive environment and rapidly changing trends leading to uncertain economic landscapes, the need to maximize hospitality assets becomes critical.

LiveBean can deliver a comprehensive range of services designed to maximize profitability and minimize risk. We tailor our services to meet your specific goals, needs and assets.

From corporate-level strategic analysis and planning to operational reviews of individual properties, we ensure you maintain appreciation and profitability for your asset.

Project Asset Management

  • Site assessment on location and market
  • Forecasted NPV and IRR with ROI cycle 
  • Lead meetings as Consultants along with buyers / owners in all areas of the project towards completion and resetting of hotel facilities and design with all project teams.
  • Interior and Exterior area efficiency planning from design to launch with facilities guidelines
  • Rough dimensions with details on room styling, configuration, facilities like chapel, staff facilities, kitchen , spa ,  lobby concept besides feel of outlets, back areas, service areas etc.
  • Detailed facilities planning and design recommendations 
    • Project evaluation
  • Manpower planning,
  • Financial health planning and review of Project (Maintaining budget and efficiency)
  • Review Project Operational controls
  • Review and set brand guidelines
  • Prepare the pre-opening budget i.e. working capital, rooms, food, beverage, spa, linen, china etc. based on IRR
  • Assist in cost effective procurement of hotel supplies.
  • Evaluation of third party vendors on progress and timeline
  • Continuous monitoring of efficient project progress along with owners