Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Today, increased usage of social networking tools and e – travel companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Trip-Advisor etc the rules of marketing, business-to-customer have changed forever The consumer -to-consumer endorsement provided by social media today allows guests to choose to stay away from a product completely.

LiveBean with its digital specialists, provides seamless integrated solutions linking social media marketing with what your hotels offers allowing your product higher visibility and reach.

We also assist you by providing IPAD, Android solutions, as well as formulating a comprehensive social media marketing plan that is customized to your property and budget.

As a part of the social media development plan, the team at LiveBean will:

  • Review your marketing plan
  • Work with your S&M leadership team to create a social media plan and
  • Offer a 1 day training for key resources on social media marketing, including to department heads and line staff.