Sales Systems and Processes

Sales Systems and Processes

The LiveBean team understands that you may not always have the resources available that differently branded competitors may have. However, that does not mean that you as a hotel company cannot have better, simpler and more efficient processes to generate higher revenue.

The increased usage of social media and the internet has revolutionized the sales process. The channels of booking are changing and today, it does not matter how big you are, but, how fast you are to evolve with the right systems and processes in place for sustained growth.

Allow the LiveBean team to work with you and evaluate your current sales systems, processes and practices.

Partnering with your management team, we will help you develop faster, simpler , cost efficient and highly effective sales processes and systems which will seamlessly integrate various sales channels to generate higher revenue for your organisation.

Sales systems and processes may vary for branded hotels from city to city (with cultural, leadership and market sensitivities) LiveBean can also assist chain hotels with a customized package to audit, evaluate and streamline current processes on a corporate as well as unit level.