About Us

About Us

Founded in 2007, LiveBean is a leading hospitality consulting firm marked by dynamism and constant innovation and specializes in providing the hospitality, leisure, tourism & real estate industry with solutions geared towards service excellence and growth of shareholders profitability.

With over a 150 years of hospitality management experience the team at LiveBean offers hospitality related concepts, efficiencies and performances, whilst providing practical and simplistic strategies, solutions and services that focus on Revenue Generation and Profitability for our clients

Our Core Values

Many a time we are asked, why choose the name LiveBean and what is its uniqueness.

At the time of our inception, keeping in mind our core values, we searched for what it was that we wanted to stand for.

“Beans”as we know are one of the few things that can “live” in any climate on our planet providing every one of us on earth with the much needed nourishment that furthers life, this simple philosophy of nature and its positivity and pragmatism influences the team at LiveBean in every aspect of our core.

We recognize that change being the only constant, the global hospitality scenario will continue to evolve, sometimes volatile with challenging environments and at other times calm with new opportunities for growth, (the Bean at all times continues to provide nourishment to all) in every scenario, LiveBean will continue to seek and evaluate the opportunities for your success and assist you to grow revenue and profitability further.