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What are the Challenges Faced by Hospitality Management Industry?


Hospitality Management industry is volatile. Every day there are tons of changes. Many fail to adapt and perish. Few are dominating the game because they possess the right skills and knowledge. This blog will show you the major challenges faced by the hospitality management industry. A hospitality management consultant must look to effectively tackle the problems occurring in a hotel. Listed below are the problems that hotel operations management must concern themselves with:

1) High competition

The hotel industry is ever growing and forever expanding a business. Travel and tourism business perpetually rise. Travelers are always on a hunt for the perfect accommodation. Because of soaring demand for accommodation, the competition is stiffening by the day with no seeming limit. In every nook and corner, you can spot a hotel. High competition is one of the major challenges faced by the hospitality management industry. To yield higher profits, new or existing competitors will have to drastically slash rates or provide all the more conveniences, services or amenities, or significantly expand, improve or introduce new facilities in the markets.

2) Bad Customer Service

With the lack of quality food resources and trained staffs, most of the hotels offer low-quality foods to their guest. Once a brand gets tainted with the bad reputation in your area, it is next to impossible to restore the reputation. For a hotelier’s, customer satisfaction is all about providing the good quality foods, amenities, customer support, etc.

3) Sustainability

 “Going Green” is a pressing concern for the rapidly growing tourism destinations around the world. It is impertinent that hotel managers try to reformulate the product/services doled out so that they are built from fewer environmental draining raw materials or nature-harming elements.

Hotels must adopt processes as recycling, installing low flush or air flush toilets or shower heads, shifting PVC key cards to options made from bioplastic, or go paper free.

4) Staffing Retention and Recruitment

Some of the services required in the hotel industry are highly personalized, so it is necessary to invest more time in customizing the service as per the guests and accordingly optimize operations. This will lead to a higher rate of staff retention because employees shall have more organized work schedule and streamlined opportunities.

Several solutions are available for hotels, which allow the utilization of a Preventive Maintenance module. In such module, a staff can easily create multiple work orders and sequential put them in order of priority. On the other hand, Corrective Maintenance module aids in faster reporting and better management of staff. Such measures and reduce employee attrition and save thousands of dollars of hotels from recruitment and staffing.

There are many other problems that plague this domain. In this piece, we have discussed the ones that critically stifle the growth and revenue earning potential of the business.

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