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Top Five Emerging Hotel Marketing Trends to keep an eye out for


The hospitality business is the finest example and living proof of the phrase ‘Customer is the king’. Everything in this domain must be directed and focused on the guests. With this perspective in mind, only then a hotel survive in this world of stiffening competition. There are several waves of trends that we are witnessing, however, the ones you’ll read in this article tops the list and is the talk…
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Why is Assets Management required in Hotel or Hospitality Industry?


With a steep rise in the hospitality business, it is necessary for hotel owners to gear up for cut throat competition. For this, a hotel management company is not sufficient, they need to acquire the services of an asset manager. Here we will discuss the benefits of hiring hospitality consultants over hotel operators. As there are conflicting and inherent differences in the goals and objectives of a hotel manager and…
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Hire an Asset and Revenue Management Company for a flourishing hotel business

Hospitality Management

As you read in our previous post about “How has Hotel Asset Management Evolved over the years” now we are going to tell you about how an asset and revenue management companies helps to flourishing your hotel business. Hiring a suitable asset and revenue management company is not a small task. This decision will really impact whether your hotel will be filled with the laughter of guests or would haunt…
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Tips to Increase Hotel Revenue – Hospitality Management Consultant

Hotel Revenue Management

According to the latest performance reports, hotel market is experiencing exponential growth. So, you need to be prepared to respond to this positive change by equipping yourself with strategy to increase hotel revenue. Hotels Revenue management strategy should be such that it looks at business from both outside in and inside out angles. You need to focus on the tips given below to draft an excellent strategy. Understand your market:…
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Wellness Tourism: An Emerging Trend in Hospitality

Spa Treatment

We have to admit that our lives have become a lot more hectic that it was a few decades before. People often head towards tourist places for breaking the monotony of their lives and start again with a renewed vigor. As most of these trips are aimed towards seeking solace and peace, wellness tourism has found a boost. Hospitality consultants are helping the hoteliers create a space that is perfect…
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5 Reasons Your Hotel Requires An Automated Operation Application

Hotels Automated Apps

A series of daily operations are required to be managed every day in an independent hotel. A manual system of doing so not only takes up valuable time and energy of the staff but also diverts the focus off important areas. If you are storing the guests’ requests on excel sheets, manually checking the bookings, cancellations, check-ins, and check-outs, it’s time that you switch to automated operations to make the…
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Hotel Consultants: Quick Pre-opening Tips For Your Hotel

If you are planning to open a new hotel, there are a few things that you need to be careful about, keeping the new hospitality industry trends in mind. When you enter into the hospitality industry with a new hotel, you have to face a lot of challenge. The pre-opening phase of the hotel is quite demanding in terms of planning. Although you can hire expert hotel consultants, you still…
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How Has Hotel Asset Management Evolved Over The Years

With the emergence of advanced technologies that help the hoteliers analyze their performance, the hotel asset management has gone through a lot of transformation. It has become more diverse and detailed. The management is differentiated into the post and pre-opening phase and each phase has its own set of activities to be performed. As most processes have become automated these days, the workforce can access a lot of resources on…
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Roles of a Hospitality Management Company

The hospitality sector has undergone a major change over the period of few years. As web and app based hotel booking is in practice, the hospitality industry is now burdened with handling inquiries from different channels. Moreover, hotels are no longer limited to providing an accommodation to the guests. They now expect an experience that they can remember. As the competition grows, the hotels have to be on their toes…
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How To Ensure The Best Hotel Revenue Management

In order to maximize the hotel revenue in the hospitality sector, it is important to sell the right space at the right price at the right time. The hotel revenue management model that was in practice a few years ago focused only on keeping the rooms occupied by the guests. Now, the focus has shifted to demand-based pricing. The hotels, as well as, other hospitality establishments like amusement parks, charge…
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