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Six tips to make your strategic planning a big winner!


1. Characterize your organization vision You ought to have the capacity to characterize your organization vision in 100 words. Build up this announcement and make it publically accessible to the two most important representatives and clients. This announcement should answer the key inquiries that drive your business: A good hospitality business plan covers – Where is your organization headed? What do you need your organization to be? In the event that…
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How to Increase Hotel Revenue and Decrease Cost in Simple Ways

Increase Hotel Revenue and Decrease Cost

Running a hotel business takes grit and heart. It is taxing on the mind as there are millions of factors that can go wrong.  However, these time-tested strategies might be helpful to turn the tides on your business instantly. Install only the best-in-class property management system If your PMS is obsolete, you’re taking big hits. Installing an automated cloud-based does not require a full-time IT expert, therefore it becomes easy…
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Significance of Revenue Management in Hospitality Industry

Revenue Management

Revenue management is commonly associated with presenting the right room at the right cost to the right client at the right time. At the current state, hotel industry profit centers are extending to newer avenues such as conferences, restaurants and other recreational facilities such as Spas and golf courses. The common traits among each are that every one of these products is perishable. This means if a hotel room is…
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What are the Challenges Faced by Hospitality Management Industry?


Hospitality Management industry is volatile. Every day there are tons of changes. Many fail to adapt and perish. Few are dominating the game because they possess the right skills and knowledge. This blog will show you the major challenges faced by the hospitality management industry. A hospitality management consultant must look to effectively tackle the problems occurring in a hotel. Listed below are the problems that hotel operations management must…
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LiveBean is thrilled to announce its latest achievement!


Livebean is a hospitality consultant who has been recently received a major acclaim for its cutting-edge solutions for hospitality business. Among the several respected aspirants who competed for the award, it has been an honor to be selected as the champions. Being awarded with ‘LUX excellence award for hospitality concept designs 2018’ is one of the highest esteem recognition an agency can hope for. We are extremely grateful to you,…
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Operational Efficiency in Hospitality Industry

Operational Efficiency

We all know running a business is a pain in the neck. From juggling between finances, employees, taxes, and customers, there is an infinite day to day surprises to deal with. Most of these unforeseen instances take a toll on the management and cause distress. Imagine the outrage of the hotel manager where the business is reliant entirely on service excellence and guest satisfaction. Hospitality operations are risky by design.…
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Top Five Emerging Hotel Marketing Trends to keep an eye out for


The hospitality business is the finest example and living proof of the phrase ‘Customer is the king’. Everything in this domain must be directed and focused on the guests. With this perspective in mind, only then a hotel survive in this world of stiffening competition. There are several waves of trends that we are witnessing, however, the ones you’ll read in this article tops the list and is the talk…
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Why is Assets Management required in Hotel or Hospitality Industry?


With a steep rise in the hospitality business, it is necessary for hotel owners to gear up for cut throat competition. For this, a hotel management company is not sufficient, they need to acquire the services of an asset manager. Here we will discuss the benefits of hiring hospitality consultants over hotel operators. As there are conflicting and inherent differences in the goals and objectives of a hotel manager and…
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Hire an Asset and Revenue Management Company for a flourishing hotel business

Hospitality Management

As you read in our previous post about “How has Hotel Asset Management Evolved over the years” now we are going to tell you about how an asset and revenue management companies helps to flourishing your hotel business. Hiring a suitable asset and revenue management company is not a small task. This decision will really impact whether your hotel will be filled with the laughter of guests or would haunt…
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Tips to Increase Hotel Revenue – Hospitality Management Consultant

Hotel Revenue Management

According to the latest performance reports, hotel market is experiencing exponential growth. So, you need to be prepared to respond to this positive change by equipping yourself with strategy to increase hotel revenue. Hotels Revenue management strategy should be such that it looks at business from both outside in and inside out angles. You need to focus on the tips given below to draft an excellent strategy. Understand your market:…
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