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Operational Efficiency in Hospitality Industry

Operational Efficiency

We all know running a business is a pain in the neck. From juggling between finances, employees, taxes, and customers, there is an infinite day to day surprises to deal with. Most of these unforeseen instances take a toll on the management and cause distress. Imagine the outrage of the hotel manager where the business is reliant entirely on service excellence and guest satisfaction.

Hospitality operations are risky by design. Too much or too less of anything will lead to a soup. Therefore it is absolutely critical to consider hotel operations plan with extremely acuity and diligence. Hotels that trim its fat and, achieve optimal operational efficiency will inevitably out-business its competitors in every aspect, especially guest loyalty and higher occupancy.

In this article, we’ll explore little-known tips from sages and seasoned hospitality management consultants on how to achieve a breakthrough in operational efficiencies.

1) Incorporating the latest hotel tech – Technologies provide automation and almost bizarre like benefits that are unimaginable. For instance, self-check-in, beacon tech, and Artificial Intelligence can boost business and improve the overall experience which no other strategy can rival.

2)   Delegate more and as often – By decentralizing decision making, you empower your team to take an instant decision. By doing so, you cut out hours of process coagulation by making the flow smoother and consistent.

3)   Streamline maintenance service – One of the most recurring tasks in hotels is housekeeping and maintenance. Conventional paper-based checklists are so ancient that it takes decades to crosscheck completion of the task. Using a mobile or paperless checklist method are shown to provide greater system adherence and faster service cycle.

4)   Online reputation and brand nourishment – More and more guests are relying on online reviews for taking a hint before confirming a reservation. It is more important than ever to have a white-washed image and creatively manage the brand growth to operate efficiently.

Although this is not an exhaustive list of tips but a summary of most effective advice. Putting these strategies in your hotel’s growth plan can vastly improve your business.

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