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How to Increase Your Hotel’s Profitability?


Every hotel business seeks to generate more profitability and avoid unstable moments of occupation. The most important thing towards making any hotel successful is to control costs while working towards being profitable. Having been working as a hospitality consultant for a quite long time in the industry, I have compiled a list of ideas that would help you increase sales and control costs simultaneously. Let’s have a look.

team work

Encourage your employees to become your salesman

Employees are one of the most important assets of any business, and one should know how to leverage it. With turning your employees your salesman, we mean to keep them happy and focused on your guests. Encourage them to come up with ways to increase the occupancy rate, cut costs, and maximize customer service.

Provide Excellent Service

That’s something, every veteran hotel consultant would suggest you. Happy guests often turn into your marketer. They share their experience with your hotel to their friends and family, which in turn leaves positive influence among others. With the ease of giving feedback on the internet, your happy guests can make your brand shine online. However, an unhappy guest could come back to haunt your hotel brand with negative feedback. So, make sure you don’t cut back on the quality of your service while cutting costs.


Make Use of the Technology

With the dramatic evolution of technology these days, brands that are not leveraging technological perks are sure to be left behind the competition. Put your hotel on several online booking platforms so that your potential guest can find you easily. These platforms would help you increase your overall hotel bookings and will generate more leads.

Audit Everything

Hotels often spend almost 50% of their operational budget on heating and cooling. Here, investing in a good and efficient HVAC system can be a brilliant idea as it can save you thousands. Plus, switching to LED lights can save a significant amount of electricity and its scary bills.

Host Special Events

Leverage your space and increase group booking by organizing business conferences, meetings, reunions, family gatherings, weddings, etc. Also, special events like Lover’s Weekend during Valentine’s Day and Hot Tub Getaways during chilly days can help you increase your occupancy rate, even in the slow seasons.

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