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How to Increase your Hotel Revenue during off-season?

hotel revenue increase

Regardless of what size of hotel business you own, you are likely to face challenges during off-season months. You would know the issue if you have been in the hospitality business for a long time. And, you would probably have gauged by now about your low and peak seasons, so that you can prepare to deal with them in advance.

All it requires is careful marketing and strategic ideas to prevent loss in revenue during non-seasonal months. Wondering how? Working as a hotel revenue management consultant for years now, I have compiled a list that has helped many hotels in this regard and hope it does to you too. Have a look -

Know your guests

This is a great way to begin with. Dig into your guest data and look for those visiting your hotel frequently. These guests could be valuable to your hotel business during the low. Also, pull out the data of guests who choose you more often compared to other hotels. After that, contact them via mail or social media and offer them special deals during the off-season. Also, ask them to refer someone who can benefit from the deal. Loyal guests are always a great source of additional sales.

Bring back the peak season feel

Do you know what makes your hotel best during the peak season? Use it to your advantage. For instance, if your hotel is usually popular during Monsoon, give your guests a similar feel by including rain dance in the package. Create a monsoon themed stay at your hotel to attract guests. And, if you have a beach property that does not attract people during monsoon, then offer your guests happy hours and pool parties.

Organize events/seminars

If you can hold seminars and special events, then it could turn out to be a fantastic idea for you. Tie-up with companies that are willing to hold them in your hotel. This will let you offer something different and have many corporate clients visiting your hotel during the off-season months.

Apart from this, you can offer reward programs, exciting retreats and discount offers to attract guests. To have professionals helping you with your hotel’s revenue, you can get enrolled in hospitality revenue management services. A good hospitality revenue management consultancy can determine your business and guests and can help you create the best possible strategies to increase revenue during the low season.

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