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How to Increase Hotel Revenue and Decrease Cost in Simple Ways

Increase Hotel Revenue and Decrease Cost

Running a hotel business takes grit and heart. It is taxing on the mind as there are millions of factors that can go wrong.  However, these time-tested strategies might be helpful to turn the tides on your business instantly.

Install only the best-in-class property management system

If your PMS is obsolete, you’re taking big hits. Installing an automated cloud-based does not require a full-time IT expert, therefore it becomes easy to maintain or operate and most importantly, it saves you time. Live bean hospitality is an award-winning hospitality consultant who can hitch brands to best PMS suited for their business.

Tune your PMS to become more mobile-centric

By doing this, you will allow your staff to operate more efficiently. For instance, housekeeping can interact with the front desk system with a single finger tap on their mobile phone and get a report on which rooms needs servicing and the occupancy status on each one.

Grant flexible work hours to your hotel staff

Enunciating a rigid set hours for your staff may actually cause more harm than good. Due to rigid shift hours, you might experience the two great demons of productivity overstaffing, and understaffing. That’s why, incorporate a flexible shift-based approach that allows you more room to stretch and deploy staff when you most need them and for specific purposes.

Practice the idea of smart responsibility 

This revolves around efficiency again. It means that clear instruction must be given to housekeeping team and what is expected of them. If a room has been barely used, it won’t require as much cleaning or preparation as a room that has been occupied for a full week.

Slash your marketing costs

Although not purely wise to do it however it is important to know that many paid promotion isn’t always guaranteed to bring downpour of results. Try assessing your approach to marketing and investing more energy into free channels and organic traffic. Create high quality content and raise social media followings without burning holes in your pocket. A lot of traction can be gained on Facebook, Instagram, and Google without spending money.


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