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How to Deal with Low Hotel Occupancy Rate?

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The increased occupancy rate is what every hospitality business looks for. But, not every one of them enjoys the rate they desire. The good thing is there are many proven ways to help a hotel business improve its occupancy rate so that it can enjoy the success it deserves. If you are also in a quest for better occupancy and revenue for your hotel, here are the tips and tricks you need.

1. Promote special package

Packaging your services will help add value to a stay at your hotel. You will attract more guests by offering additional services like spa sessions, and fitness classes in a package along with accommodation. This is a great way to encourage guests to use your services even when they have not previously thought about it.

2. Create a mailing list

Categorize a list of your best weekend customers and keep interacting with them via monthly email, listing mid-week special offers, and discounts (because that’s the time occupancy often goes down).

3. Promote your space to local companies

You can encourage the local companies around your property that would like to use your space for meetings or social events. You can be wise on your part here by targeting companies with branches elsewhere, so that the delegates visiting the area may require accommodation.

4. Induce your guests to extend their stay

Tempt your guests with special discounts and deals in your pre-stay email. Also, let your guests know about such offers in person during their check-in so that they can plan about staying in your property for a longer time.

5. “2 for 1” promotions

Promote free drinks or desserts for mid-week visitors. You can advertise your promotions via newspaper and social networking sites. Such offers excite customers to visit your place even during the mid-week.

6. Use your mid-week break as prizes

If mid-week is not bringing you much of stay bookings and visits, you can offer it as prizes for social media competitions and contests. This is a great way to grow your social media engagement, without having to invest extra.

These were some of the pro ways, through which you can increase your mid-week occupancy greatly. Many effective ideas work wonder in improving any hotel’s revenue. To know more strategies for boosting your hotel revenue management, you can get in touch with a reliable hospitality consultant.

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